About Camel Roof Racks

Our Journey

Camel Roof Racks was started from a dream and the ability to fill a need in the market. Ryan, the founder and owner, saw a need for custom van roof racks. Through his background in industrial design and 20 years’ experience in award-winning design and custom-built projects, Ryan redirected his focus to meet one of his passions – the outdoor and adventure lifestyle.

To an outsider of the outdoor and adventure lifestyle, all van roof racks may look the same. However, that is certainly not the case. Camel Roof Racks offers higher quality racks and specializes in those that are custom. With an eye always on the horizon for the next innovative design, Camel Roof Racks ensures that each van roof rack they design will last a lifetime.

Your Adventure

Your Adventure Beyond that, the experience of finding your perfect van roof rack shouldn’t be a chore, but yet one more adventure your van will take you on. Camel Roof Racks offers a unique, customized experience to buying what many consider to be an integral piece of the adventure van lifestyle. From beginning consultations to helping each customer craft a roof design from scratch or based on what they have already installed, Camel Roof Racks loves the challenge presented with each project they take on.

No matter what adventures you plan on taking with your van, Camel Roof Racks is another adventure you can’t miss. Create your perfect van roof plan to ensure that your van is everything you wanted and more, while working with an expert who can guarantee that everything will lay out exactly as planned. Once your van roof rack is completed, and personally checked for quality by Camel Roof Racks, it is ready to ship or install.

We highly recommend coming to Camel Roof Racks for your installation, and once again consider the adventure of the trip. While your van is fitted with its new roof rack, take a bike ride along Central PA roads to admire the scenery or stop by a local state park to go for a hike and embrace every aspect of the adventure that you get to enjoy with your van.